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Property Listings

If you wish to inquire about available properties for immediate or future occupancy, please complete our property inquiry form at the link below.  A representative will be in contact as soon as possible. 

A4 Floorplan 8643 sq ft
A7 Floorplan 3773 sq ft
A12 Floorplan 12644 sq ft
A17 Floorplan 5153 sq ft
A18 Floorplan 3991 sq ft
B13 Floorplan 8925 sq ft
C6 Floorplan 5577 sq ft
C10 Floorplan 2965 sq ft
C29 Floorplan 2568 sq ft
C31 Floorplan 3013 sq ft
F8 Floorplan 10681 sq ft
G1 Floorplan 2369 sq ft
G22 Floorplan 2247 sq ft
H2  Floorplan 2296 sq ft
H16 Floorplan 2227 sq ft
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square feet of business space
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square feet of retail space
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Square Feet units (starting)